Ethically, Americans Have Crashed

And they do not see how this could be a problem. America got ahead by being aggressive, and they don’t see why this attitude should not continue to be successful.

But things have have changed . The Industrial economy has been replaced by the Information economy.

This has been a long, complicated process, lasting over a hundred years – and the people affected by it, nearly everyone – did not know what was happening. But the end result is clear enough – they do not like people.

My home town of Ft. Madison, Iowa, for example, was an Industrial town with the Santa Fe Railroad on the West End of town and the Sheaffer Pen Company on the East End. It was a rough, dirty place – but it had lots of jobs. Now it is part of the Rust Belt, and has no jobs.

The people there (like most Americans) have no idea what happened to them, and no one can explain what happened to them – it’s too complicated for them to understand. So they have turned to reactionary politics to solve their problems.

Even the people who should know better – the people in the Computer Industry, are ethically deficient. I know, I worked there for twenty years.

By contrast, Software people are helping each other constantly – and know the advantages of being cooperative. They are not perfect, far from it – but they are more advanced ethically and technically. A new combination!



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