Boring Sex

I am reading Mating in Captivity – and here is quote from it:

Some of America’s best features— the belief in democracy, equality, consensus-building, compromise, fairness, and mutual tolerance— can, when carried too punctiliously into the bedroom, result in very boring sex. Sexual desire and good citizenship don’t play by the same rules. And while enlightened egalitarianism represents one of the greatest advances of modern society, it can exact a toll in the erotic realm.

We now have everything, but we must have great sex as well!

I am hardly an expert on this subject, but from my limited experience with it – I would say it has to be handled with care. Sexual excitement can be mixed in with almost anything.

In the Business world, it is commonly associated with political power – and the men who have this power, assume it is their right to harass the women in their company. But this situation is improving, in the last company I worked for in Silicon Valley, in the Nineties – the founding CEO was fired for this!

Religious leaders have also been guilty of this – and it seems to pervade religious institutions. In one case, the head of a Buddhist organization gave his male followers AIDS!


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