Why So Much Crazy Software?

Because there are so many crazy people! Crazy people make software, and crazy people use it. What else can you expect?

However, there is also a technical answer – because software companies do not test their products before releasing them. If they do not work very well, for the user – that is something for the user to worry about, and not them.

This brings up the next question – why don’t they care? And this opens up a whole can of worms – that no one wants to talk about. People just say “Because that’s the way we are!” And we can ask again – why are we this way?

The correct answer to this question, is to replace it with the question – how are we crazy?

The best answer to this, in my opinion, is “Because we are driven by technological imperatives!” This was obvious when were were driven to build more and more railroads – whether they were profitable or not. Everyone wanted to build them – so they were built! And later abandoned.

We could not sit back and ask ourselves “How do we want to build our world?” We just rushed to grab as much money as we could, as fast as we could. In the many gold rushes, or silver rushes – or land rushes – of the last four hundred years, or so. The end result, for all this greed, was never good.

This was true of the American Founding Fathers – who grew tobacco on their plantations to sell to the English – and then used this money to buy luxury manufactured goods from them. Tobacco is a drug, and a pernicious one – it is addictive, and hard on the body, in many ways. But, for some strange reason, it has never been seen as evil – and prohibited. It was just taxed heavily – which statisfied everyone, including its producers.

In the same way, Software is now our luxury product, where lots of money is being made. Regions (such as Silicon Valley) who make Software – attract money, and lots of it. No one asks “Is this good for us?” They just follow the money – and ignore its effects on them.


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