The Superficial Self, and the Fundamental Self

As people, we all have a self – in fact, a number of them, depending on the situation we are in. For this purposes of this essay, I have chosen two of them.

The Superficial Self is the one we present to people in most situations – in order to assure them that we are all right – the same as everyone else – at least everyone that matters.

The Fundamental Self is what we really are – the part of our self we do not want others to see – and in many cases, do not want to see ourselves. I have been discovering this for myself recently – and it has been a shock. I am not what I thought I was at all.

Where did this mysterious Self come from? It didn’t come from anywhere – we built it ourselves, and use it constantly. To use different words – it is our consciousness.

Which is related, in some strange way – to our brain. And which our species has, and perhaps a few others, such as the Octopus. With the coming of Artificial Intelligence – some people want to say that Computers are conscious also. Perhaps they are – but not in the same way we are.

Our consciousness is part of the package that has made us the most successful species on earth. And also the most murderous. It is part of our ability to think – correctly and incorrectly.

Incorrect thinking, in a word, insanity – has become more common in the last fifty years, or so. As our world has become very complicated – much more than we could comprehend.

The usual solution for this – is to not try to comprehend – and leave it up to other forces to to do the comprehension (or the understanding) for us. This was our unconscious group decision – and has been a total disaster.

Plenty of forces were quick to take advantage of this decision – and take control of us. And kick us around all over the place.

Political observers, for example – are asking “What’s going on here?” Instead of noting that no one was home. A simple observation, it seems to me – but one that few want to make.

Why? Because they will get squashed if they do – like a bug on the windshield of a car. They don’t realize that only their superficial self will be squashed. But they have no connection to their fundamental self – and they do die, and rather quickly.

Especially if they are men – women are usually more connected to their fundamental (or emotional) selves – and survive better. They can get rid of their husbands – and never notice this happening.




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