When Knowing is Threatening

Sounds crazy? I certainly sounded crazy to me – until recently, when I had a short email conversation with my Sister – that taught me a lot.

I wanted her to try a new app – but she did not want to try it – for reasons that made no sense to me. But made perfect sense to her.

It boiled down to a choice of browsers – Microsoft’s IE and Google’s Chrome. IE does not give its users much – but this limited choice is what they want!

I will pause to let this soak in.

To philosophers and psychologists, such William James, this is ground they have gone over before. What we know depends on who we are. And who we are depends on our personal history. And this depends on the other people we have been around.

Straightforward, and completely logical.

My Sister has been around people, who told her, very seriously – do not know! And she has accepted this – without thinking about it!

And, as a result – she has gone with Microsoft, rather than Google – because Google is too smart. And wants us to learn more. I recently started using Google Drive, for example – and Google Drive insists on making me understand how to use it!

We have been told – do not be – and we have accepted this as the ultimate wisdom (which in a way, it is). We all consult our inner logic, that tells us what we should do.

And this is what we do.


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