The Philosophy Behind Different Programming Paradigms

Programmers are people, and they show people’s typical reluctance to speak of the philosophy behind their daily activities – behind their programming.

Programmers are keen on defining what they do – and they talk to each other constantly about this. But the companies that hire them – Software companies – are only interested in making money – and not in making good software.

There is a class conflict here – and this is what I want to write about this morning.

I can be specific – the philosophy behind F# – that Microsoft invented and supports with its .NET – and seems intent on reinventing, without admitting this. You can easily see this, by looking at their documentation for using F# in their Azure Cloud. Something strange is going on here!

Any successful software service – such as the Internet – depends on standards, that everyone agrees on, and uses.

But most companies want to subvert these standards – to make them more favorable for themselves. Is this unethical? Of course, but Business and Ethics have been strangers for a long time.

There is a new movement afoot, however, that insists on doing it right, and on ethical standards.

And on making Globalization work.


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