Twitter and Teargas

I heard about this in a book review on Crypto-Gram – and I responded by buying the Kindle version of her book.

After reading it for awhile, I find myself asking myself “Who is this gal?” And I have to say “I am not sure.” She seems to be badly scattered.

She speaks of class conflict in many places, and she speaks of the effects of the social media on those conflicts. Both very broad subjects – too broad, in fact. She should concentrate on one place, perhaps Turkey, where she is from, and where people want to know what is going on.

I have to also consider what she knows about America, her home base, where she works as an academic. Does she understand America? I don’t think so.

Everyone she mentions in her book were using phones, and Facebook and Twitter. And not a laptop and WordPress as I do. Both are digital media – but entirely different media, and entirely different people use either one. She is not aware of this.

She does not understand the huge event we are just getting over – Industrialization. And she does not understand what is going on in Computers – the impact of the Cloud, for example.

She does understand the fragility of networked protest – as the title of her book indicates. She should have concentrated on this theme – and become a huge success.


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