Living With a Deteriorating Mind

This is what old age amounts to. Our minds, and our bodies deteriorate – eventually so much so, that we die.

How fast this happens, varies considerably. Women usually last longer, because their bodies were designed to accommodate two people, themselves and an infant – and sometimes many infants – one at a time. This increases their risk of cancer – but if that doesn’t get them, they can last a long time. Outlasting a husband, and even a son, or two.

My mind is going, and this was demonstrated this morning, when I tried to make a video of a gathering at a local school. The setting was perfect – lots of people in action, all kinds of people.

I got out my new digital camera – and started making a long video – sweeping back and forth across the crowd several times. But when I got home, and looked at what I had – I had almost nothing!

My camera was alright – but where was my mind?


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