The Big, Bad Problem That Few can See

The end result is easy enough to define – human society has become antihuman.

I suppose few will disagree with this – we will only disagree on the seriousness of the problem. I think it is extremely serious – but most people see it as only a minor problem – if they see it at all.

Those who do not see it at all are very common – and can see themselves (rightly) as normal. A situation they like very much – because they can say “We can’t all be wrong!” When that is exactly the case. They are all wrong – and badly wrong.

And no one can show them, that they are wrong.

We have been here before – many times, in fact. A society becomes successful – and then becomes unsuccessful. And when they become unsuccessful – they are ignorant of that fact.

The classic example was the Roman Empire – the most successful empire ever, and when it failed – the most unsuccessful empire ever. It took human society over a thousand years to recover.

In our time, however – many cycles can be operating at the same time – making a confusing situation, even more confusing. And making people even more determined to notice nothing.


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