The Cloud is an Entirely New World

But one few are aware of.

I can compare it to the discovery of the New World – the entire Western Hemisphere that the Spanish Empire discovered by accident – and mismanaged entirely. It was only interested in its gold and silver – and ignored everything else. It went from the strongest empire in the world – to practically nothing.

In the same way, software companies, in the Nineties, exploited the Internet to make money, right then – and had no interest in its ultimate development. And indeed, could not imagine such a thing. They were only interested in making money – a poor substitute for social and technical development – which always work together.

But Software itself, moved on – and created the Cloud – that completely revolutionized software development. And also created a whole new economy!

This software economy coexists comfortably with the old, hardware economy. But it needs people skilled in its technologies. This means most of the people in the workforce are out of jobs.

And this is driving them crazy!



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