Is Artificial Intelligence Good for People?

I can see the good and the bad of technology. And the latest technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI) – that some people are pooping in their pants over!

I want to remind them that there is good and bad in everything – and we need to carefully keep that in mind. The usual tendency is to emphasize the good in the latest enthusiasm and ignore the bad.

What can be bad about better intelligence? You may ask. The answer is easy – consider the snooping that is so common now. Everyone wants to know everything about everyone else.

I can see the good in this – the religious family I grew up in, was immoral in a number of ways – that were carefully hidden. This was a problem when I was growing up – and problem that still continues. And which contributed the downfall of their precious church – the most important thing in their lives!

The downside of all this information gathering is not immediately obvious – until it becomes a tool our enemies can use against us.

And we do have enemies. And a lot of them – including those close to us that should be our best friends. I am not saying anything new here – this is the oldest news in history.

And it also applies the new power structures in our time – the international corporations. Who are very eager to take control – of us.

We should ask ourselves “Is giving them this much power, good for us?”

This is not an easy question – and requires a lot of thought. We have to define who they and and who we are.

Some people are doing this – but most are not. In fact, they do not want to think at all!


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