The Functions in Functional Programming

This posting will be very technical – if you are not into programming, you will probably not be interested in it.

I am using Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE, to learn F#, and also using Microsoft’s Azure cloud – because Visual Studio can be integrated with it, to do Software Development.

But functions are defined differently in F# and in Azure.

In F#, they are grouped together in Modules, and used with other functions to solve programming tasks. The Functions here are similar to Microservices. Small pieces of code that can be used with other small pieces of code.

In Azure, a function is much bigger. It is used by itself – waits until it is triggered, then springs into action, does its thing, and then becomes inactive again. All the programmer has to do is write the code – Azure handles everything else the code needs to work (a lot of stuff, believe me). This is similar to AWS EC2.

The Cloud provides many services, that the programmer can use as he pleases.


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