Startup Heaven

And Startup Hell. We have both of them at the same time.

It all depends on how smart the startup people are. I worked for a few of them back in the Nineties, in Silicon Valley – and I have to say, they were not too smart.

They were coming from an Industrial world, and moving into the Computer world – having little idea of where they were going. How could they? No one had been there before.

They were firm in one belief, however – a startup was the way to make fast money. And they went from one of them to another – without getting anywhere. Silicon Valley was littered with the corpses of dead startups – but one was asking why? Because the answer was simple – they didn’t know what they were doing.

They were all waving their magic wands, and telling the world how great they were. But no one was looking behind the curtain, to see what was really going on. How could they? What was really going on, was something nobody knew.

But with the coming of the Cloud, this situation is beginning to clarify itself. I subscribe to O’Reilly’s Safari service – and am reading a new book there – The Enterprise Cloud.

Businesses (or Enterprises) can now purchase the Information Services they need from the Cloud. This is a big deal, believe me!

They can now describe what they are doing. What pieces they are going to use, and where they are getting them from.


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