What is Their Attitude Toward the Rest of the World?

If I asked this about Americans in general – my response would be “They think they are superior people – and are entitled to look down on other people.” They may try to improve them – or they may just rob them.

I can even ask this about the latest trend in Software Development – that has, it seems to me, an exploitive attitude toward its data – usually data about people. It wants to discover the unconscious motivations that drive people – so it can manipulate those emotions, for the benefit of the companies that employ them. Not very nice behavior!

Another trend, however, is designing products that people really want, and can use. The users and the developers work together – to build a product or service, that benefits both.

This is possible in Software, because it can be developed, and tested rapidly. Since only information is involved.

Take careful note of this fact – we have moved from working with matter and energy (Newtonian Physics) to working with Information. A huge shift, that took hundreds of years!


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