How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico

National Geographic

I can hardly believe this. Just thirty years ago, my parents retired in Mexico, and lived a peaceful life there – and they were not unusual, there were retirement communities all over Mexico. Some of them were heavy consumers of alcohol (that was cheap down there) but there was almost no violence at all.

The story is familiar – Americans buy huge amounts of illegal drugs – I have been in the Hispanic slums of Los Angeles (my meditation center was there) and saw drug dealers on every street corner – right out in the open. I asked myself – where were the police? But the question answered itself.

They were active in some areas – when I worked in downtown San Jose, I saw drug arrests during the lunch hour. In the affluent areas, such as Huntington Beach, where I lived also – this did not slow the party people down – they played all night, and still managed to show up for work. Their employers looked the other way, if they were not in the best of shape.

Affluent communities were hard on drug dealers – but in the poor neighborhoods, they weren’t – this was the only way many people had of making money.


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