The Urge to Self-Destruct

It does seem to me that this is the basic urge of our time. The Human Race has decided to destroy itself. And, for the most part, is unaware of this.

This must have begun with decision to not notice anything, since things were so bad. Not a very smart decision, but one that must have been seen as very smart, at the time. People noticed (correctly) that other forces were in control – and they decided to not fight them.

The logical question to ask, it seems to me, is “What are these other forces?” And this gets to the heart of the problem. People do not know what it is – but they are sure it exists, is all-powerful – and is all around them.

The only proper question, for them is “Whose side are you on?” The winning side, or the losing one?  The one with the money, or the one without it?

This is a practical question that I will illustrate with our approach to drugs.

One of our most powerful and far-reaching industries. We have chosen to fight it – make it illegal. This only makes it stronger, and more profitable. The sensible alternative – making it legal, and taxing it heavily – as is done with tobacco and alcohol – is not considered. Why?

Because that would be less destructive. If our present policy, means we go down in flames, killing each other off – this is not a problem!


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