When Things Get Too Crazy

This is a big problem for me – when things around me get too crazy – I fall apart.

This happened to me yesterday. I was in the nearest large town, Cartago – for my weekly shopping trip. I decided to use a McDonalds I hadn’t used before. The place was not working – everyone was new, poorly trained, overworked, and no manager was evident.

I should have walked out, and gone to another McDonalds I had worked with before. I would have left a little money on the table – but saved my sanity. I was getting a serious case of Vertigo – a nasty, you do not want to get.

I have seen this affect other people also. They get into a crazy situation without knowing it. And it messes them up in every way possible.

I rented a bedroom from a middle-aged woman, for five years when I first came down here. She had a great little business of her own, that employed two other women, full-time. We lived in a rundown part of town – but it was convenient for her customers, who could park right outside her house. She was a busy, but happy woman.

But she had have a better house of her own – and this obsession wrecked her. Five years later she had a new house, in a new housing development, a long way out of town – but no customers (it was too far for them to drive). And her house was falling down around her – it looked good, but it was poorly made.

I could see the writing on the wall. She would end up with nothing (no house, no business) working for someone else, and renting another house in a rundown part of town.

I left, and moved to Orosi – the scenic coffee town I live in now.


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