They Are in It For the Money

I am still trying to understand what is so bad about America – that made me leave it. This morning, this phrase popped into my mind. Now I have to explain it.

It seems to me that a society where making money is the ultimate goal – is in serious trouble. I’m sure most people will agree with me, in principle – but disagree with me, in practice. They are out for the money – and they are going to stay that way.

My last place of residence was Silicon Valley, that grew out of Stanford University – but has since spread to other areas, notably Seattle. This began as a Technology, the Computer – but has become an entire new Economy, that no one wants to understand – because it is so different.

Software grew out of it – a new skill concerned with Information, that has completely changed what we think the world is made of. It has created The Cloud – that rents computer services in many ways, with more being added every day.

In short, we now have a Service Economy – instead of a Goods Economy. And everyone is saying, as loudly as they can – this makes no difference! When it makes all the difference in the world.

This is why Software (as a skill, not a business) appeals to me. And any software company that is out for the money makes me suspicious.

This also applies to Psychotherapy – Silicon Valley is full of Therapists, of every kind imaginable – and I tried a number of them. And found that they were mostly out for the money.


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