Pupusa for Breakfast

The Latin American cuisine is nothing remarkable – no one comes here to eat the food. But they do have their own food, that is cheap – and in its own way, tasty enough.

The Pupusa was invented in San Salvador, a tiny country whose history was violent – even by Latin American standards. Its primary ingredient is corn flour, masa, also used to make corn tortillas. It has a filling, that varies from one maker to the next – consisting mainly of cheese, and refried beans. It is served with a dressing made of shredded cabbage, flavored with a tomato sauce. They are made entirely by hand, and fried slowly – to bring the flavor out.

A little family (mother, father, two little girls, and a baby boy) sets up a Pupusa stand each weekend in front of the church. I buy one on Saturday afternoon (for 4 dollars) and have it for breakfast on Sunday morning.

It’s a good start for the week.


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