I Have an Intimate Relationship with my Laptop

It is not just another machine – it is part of me. And it is connected to the rest of the world – that is also part of me. An intimate part of me.

Living this way – exposed to the rest of the world is not easy, but it is not so hard either. The only alternative is not being at all – committing social suicide. A decision most people have made, without knowing it at all.

When I was back in Silicon Valley, in the Nineties – people were obsessed with Intimacy – something they wanted very much – but were also afraid of, very much.

The reason for this was obvious – their world was not a safe place to be in.

And no one was willing to admit this.

For two hundred years, during the 19th and 20 Centuries – people became more technical, but less human. And in fact became antihuman – thinking they had become superhuman, instead.

One of the serious deficiencies of the human mind – is to consider opposites to be equal. Our language makes this easy – both good and bad are treated much the same way – as modifiers. They do the same thing in a sentence – so they must be the same thing.

Let me clarify this logic, which states that – what something does, is what it is.

This is a subtle point – with huge consequences. And should not be ignored – as it usually is.


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