You Gotta Realize How Bad Things Are

How many times have I said this? Times without number. How many times have people listened to me? As far as I know – none at all.

That’s life.

I have to say, by contrast – that some things are working very well. I have new issue of National Geographic in my inbox – that is loaded with good stuff, I’m sure. That it wants to tell people about – whether they want to know about it, or not.

Most people do not want to know. They are in too much pain already – and they don’t want more.

I found a new video that explains F#, using Visual Studio – that I have and want to learn more about. I wrote my first program (following the instructions, very carefully) that worked, but was very slow. VS was busy in the background, when I ran it this morning – trying to find out why.

Microsoft is an amazing mix of good and bad – but they seem to be doing this right.

I find that being around places where things are being done right – helps me to do right in my own life, also. The opposite is also true – being in bad places, makes you do bad also.

And there are a whole lot of these.


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