Audible and Its Software

I am an avid listener of recorded books – and Audible has dominated that market. But I am dissatisfied with its software – that is getting worse and worse.

Their software has two functions (1) download files from Audible to the user’s computer, and (2) transfer these files to the user’s player. I prefer the Sansa Clip Zip player, a tiny thing, that can play music files and Audible files also. Audible has never done a good job of supporting this – and now does not support it at all.

It did all this with its Audible Manager, an app that resides on the user’s computer. After I did the latest update to it, however, it does not work with the Clip Zip – but does work with my Amazon Fire tablet!

Audible is owned by Amazon – that has excellent software, the best in the industry – and it has made sure its Fire tablet works with Audible. But it is not interested in supporting anyone else’s player.

It’s strategy has been simple – first dominate the market, and then benefit from that dominance. And it wants to keep everyone else out of its market – its own walled garden.


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