The Building of a Artificial Reality

One that was more interesting than the real one.

I am referring to the Movies, that were made possible by two inventions – Electricity and Photography.

Only one other invention had as much of an impact – the automobile, and their development occurred during the same period – the early 20th Century. That also witnessed WWI, the Depression,  and WWII – a very violent period!

Through all this – people went to the movies, that showed them a better world – than the terrible one they were really in.

This lesson was not lost on them – they still live in an artificial reality – and have little interest in the real one – that continues to be someplace so terrible, no one wants to know about it.

The Movies were replaced by Television – that had an even greater impact on its viewers. The Magic Screen, not only entertained them – but showed them how to live, and what to buy. And they were watching it, many hours a day – instead of once a week at the Movies.

TV did have its critics, who noticed its overwhelming influence. But no one paid much attention to them – they were much more interested in the world they now identified with – a new artificial reality – that gave them everything they wanted – and more!

This more was provided by the Computer and its networks (especially the smartphone) that kept them entertained – as it completely reorganized their Economy.

Entertainment was the distraction that made all this possible. People were not noticing what was going on – they were noticing what their media (Facebook in particular) was showing them.

For me, this is a shocking situation – people were successful because they noticed what was going on around them – and thought about it.

Now they do neither.


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