The Coming of the Organization Man

This guy, and more recently, gal – has been with us for a long time. Most notably, in the Catholic Church, that replaced the Roman Empire. The big event here, was the Reformation – that replaced one church, with many churches.

In the middle of the 20th Century, this combination of many churches – was replaced by many companies – united in a common market. Where they bought and sold to each other in amazing quantities.

Each company produced its own specialty – and this produced a desperate struggle among companies to find their market niche. Usually by finding a new technology, and developing it.

I always refer to my hometown of Ft. Madison, Iowa – when thinking of this. It was the home of the Sheaffer Pen Company. Built by one man, but run by a hierarchy of bosses.

This power structure was something new in America – but it quickly caught on – and seemed perfectly natural to the people in it. Free Enterprise became their new religion – and they were hostile (very hostile) to anything else. This was the True Faith, and they defended it against all others. Including those who did not fit into this way of life.

All this happened with few noticing it. Indeed, the vast majority were adamantly opposed to thinking about it. Their new religion was so ridiculous, anyone could see through it. And this made them defend it even more strongly.

They became obsessed with Progress – that made them richer all the time. Richer, but not Better – a crucial point they carefully overlooked.

Much later, in the Nineties, in Silicon Valley – I saw this insanity raised to its highest pitch. Companies sprang up from nowhere – each staffed with instant officials who knew little – but were eager to get rich fast.

Instant Riches! Was what everyone wanted.

When that failed, as it was bound to – they were completely baffled, and didn’t know what to do.

So they elected Trump.


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