I have observed that many people are not interested in this – in understanding much of anything.

This is probably not new – people have always had some things they were strongly encouraged to not think about.

But it does seem to me, that the number of these things has greatly increased. And people feel threatened more than before. And that some of these threats are real enough.

And some of them, on the other hand – are substitutes for real threats they are aware of subconsciously, but not consciously.

This discovery of the unconscious was one of the breakthroughs in modern psychology – but there are now many psychologists who deny it.

This is symptomatic, for me, of a much wider malaise – that has been described by some as the Crisis of Man. That is so huge, we cannot begin to fathom it.

All we can do – is say it is there – because we can feel it. And we can do other people a huge favor, by saying this.


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