Craziness is part of the human condition – we have to live with it. But we have to constantly ask ourselves – what kind of craziness is going on, and how dangerous is it?

To do this, we have to be aware of what is going on. Without that, we are in big trouble indeed. But, as I have said before – this seems to be the situation for most of us. Not all of us, but most of us.

I will proceed, assuming you are aware of what is going on. And attempt to answer the first question – what kinds of craziness are going on? And rank them, in the order of their importance.

The most important problem is easy to identify, but impossible to describe – because it is so big. I will simply call it The Big Problem, and not try to describe it.

This approach is a big improvement over the usual practice of not noticing it at all. We have named it, and called attention to its existence.

And also taken notice of everyone else, who says (with a touch of panic in their voice) “It is not there!” With the impulse to punish those who can see it.

This gives us an easy way to classify the people around us – those who can see it, and those who cannot.

We have to understand those who cannot. Their whole way of life is threatened. They are wrong about this, but that does not matter – this is what they believe, and this gives great urgency to their response.

They have gone into a panic mode – and cannot listen to reason. All we can do is keep out of their way, so we don’t get trampled on.


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