Human Rights are Now a Strange Idea

Tenants Under Siege: Inside New York City’s Housing Crisis

Human Rights were invented as part of the Enlightenment – and were part of the American Declaration of Independence – written by Thomas Jefferson himself, using a quill pen. Quoting directly from John Locke.

It was self-evident, it declared, that people were endowed with certain unalienable rights. This overlooked slaves – which Jefferson had and even had sexual relationships with one of them. Which was not considered unusual for its time and place.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century – where it is clear, from the link at the top of the page – that these have been forgotten, and not even mentioned, in the confrontations it describes.

This was a problem immigrants always faced – and still face. One of the huge problems of our time – how to provide for immigrants?

My hometown of Nauvoo, Illinois, was settled by German immigrants in the 1860s – who build successful fruit farms here – mostly vineyards, that grew table grapes that were shipped to Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City, on the Railroads.

By the Fifties, when my family arrived, there were still many small businessmen, and family farms. But by the Sixties, these were gone.

The loss of respectable, independent jobs was enormous. I went to college, and became an Electronic Engineer – but there were not many engineering jobs – compared to the agricultural jobs previously.

This trend continues – there are not many Computer jobs compared to the Manufacturing jobs of the 20th Century.

This leaves the many, many Homeless – as we now call them. They are not all technologically obsolescent – some of them are just poor, for many other reasons.

But in any case – they have no rights.


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