This has been part of human society for so long, people assume that it is necessary for all kinds of things, in addition to the companies, where they spend their working lives – although they may work very little – but spend most of their time, climbing the social ladder – as hard as they possibly can.

It’s time we reexamined this process, and its assumptions. Or we may end up someplace – where we don’t want to be.

The first step, is our recognition of the problem – what is the best way to get things done? We have always assumed that a strong man would arise, chose his subordinates, and conquer all. This is the language of warfare, that we have assumed was necessary. And it was very important to be on the winning side – because it could claim all the spoils.

But Americans, early on – recognized the problems with this approach. And came up with something different. More pragmatic – concerned with getting things done.

In this, they followed the example of England – and its Industrialization. They even fought a war over this – their Civil War – that the Industrialized North won, over the Agrarian South.

This produced a new kind of leader – the Robber Barons – hardly the best of men, but able to amass great wealth – and employ thousands in their industries.

The inequality this produced, late in the 19th Century – the Gilded Age – produced a reaction by those left out – notably the Farmers, in the country – and the Union Members in the cities. This gradually produced a Middle Class that stabilized America.

They had jobs, the most precious of all possessions – and they assumed this situation would last forever. It didn’t.

The Industrial economy, on which all this was based – ended!

It did not end completely – plenty of goods were still available, and lined the aisles of their supermarkets – and were sold in their shopping centers. But there were not many jobs, to furnish the money to buy things with.

The reasons for the loss of all those jobs, were complicated – but one thing was clear, at least to me – Americans did not try to save these jobs – but just watched, as they went away. They were helpless, and stayed that way.

The older generation, who had gone to college, and developed careers – still had jobs. But their children were in bad shape.  Some of them were able to migrate to the Computer economy – but only a few.

The vast majority were stranded – like fish without water. And without the brains to understand what was going on.

Being stupid is never a good strategy – but in Software, where all the money is now being made – it is even stupider.


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