People are Not Smart Enough for Today’s World

But they do not realize this.

I am not so smart myself – but I am stubborn. When I hit a brick wall, as I often do – I keep hitting it – until it dawns on me – that this is giving me nothing but a sore head. Then I step back and take a good look at the situation.

I notice other people who are not just giving themselves a sore head – they are self-destructing! Without noticing this either.

I can only come to one conclusion – things have changed so much – they can no longer cope.

They are stone-age people who have survived for millions of years, because they were so adaptable. But today’s world – has tripped them up.

No problem, you may say – there a still a few around who can cope, and they will take over.

Millions will die – but they do not matter.


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