A Good Novel, Good Science, and Good Programming

I am led to this abstract reasoning, not because I love thinking that much, but by considering the activities I now indulge in.

In all cases, it is not hard to tell what goodness is. And, equally easily – what badness is.

No one is much interested in Science anymore – but I  am, especially the Science of Mind – or Psychology. What on earth makes people tick? William James is telling me, in the most general terms. Anything more particular, he says, is not so useful.

My understanding of people is also helped by an excellent novel I am reading – where the writer shows how well she understands people. She makes me overlook the weaknesses in the plot (and there are many of them) by making me concentrate on the conflicts between her characters. And her character development.

Likewise, the writer who is explaining a new programming language to me – is also showing how good it is. And I have to agree with him.

The world is full of good and bad.

Including us – of course.


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