Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent?

For anyone who has been around the Computer Industry – the answer here is easy “Of course not!” There is so much stupid behavior going on there, it’s unbelievable. And some of that behavior is almost criminal – so much so, I can hardly stand it.

And if the question applies to the Development of Software, and its amazing results – I have to say “You guys are smart, and you are making better computers – but you cannot make better people – and that is what counts!”

Take an example of basic computer coding:

If a then b
Else if c, then d
Else if e, then f

The number of lines of code can be as many as desired.

Is this intelligent behavior?

No, because it can only solve problems that the programmer knows about. It has no general problem-solving capabilities in itself.

Let me take another example – the intelligence of dogs. When I was in high school one of my fellow-students was telling one of our teachers who clever his hunting dogs were. Her response startled me “Dogs are not intelligent, as anyone who has been to college knows!”

Stupid teacher!

But I must return to the subject at hand – the intelligence of computers. Computers can now translate between languages – and do this very well! They can analyze huge amounts of data – and find information there that they have been instructed to look for “What kind of products are this person likely to buy?” “What kind of person is this person likely to vote for?”

In any case, the Program is doing what it is told to do.

Nevertheless, some people claim that computers are now smart enough to start thinking on their own – and this day is not far off!

Stupid people!


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