From Working to Being Entertained

This is one of the big changes that happened in the last half of the last century – when nearly everything changed – with few noticing it.

I can see this most clearly in the young – those born during this period – often referred to as the Millennials. They will not work (they don’t even know how to) or, if they do, they expect fast results for little work.

Sometimes they join a union, because work as a plumber, for example – is so easy, and the pay is so good!

Or, in the software industry, they expect fast money – just by being in the right place at the right time, with the right story.

Their formative experience was Television, that appeared in the Fifties – and changed them completely. Their reality was the magic screen – the same as in the Movies, and later in the Computer. It gave them everything they wanted – at the touch of a finger!

Their parents were workers, of all kinds – blue collar, and white collar. They didn’t mind working – in fact, they enjoyed it.

They don’t understand their children – and don’t make much of an effort at trying to.


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