Living in Many Cultures

I am reading a programming book, by Sudipta Mukherjee, who lives in Bangalore – he never found it necessary to move to Silicon Valley, as many Indians have.

He probably comes from an upper-class Indian family, where the first language was English – and got an excellent education, from what amounted to British schools. Where the students were expected to learn, and learn a lot.

American students, by contrast, learn little – and go to school to socialize. I studied Engineering, in college – and that was considered strange, and not very social. But I did get a good job. Girls who were not interested in us in college – took a strong interest in us, after graduation, when they realized how much money we made.

When I was working in Silicon Valley in the Nineties, I mixed with Indians frequently at work – and was exposed to their religious activities on weekends. That area is one of America’s melting pots – with immigrants from nearly everywhere – including Central America.

I am presently living in Costa Rica, where tomorrow is Our Lady of Los Angeles day. She is the patron saint of Costa Rica, and thousands will be walking to her shrine, that is not far away.

I enjoy living here, because the people are so friendly, but technically advanced they are not. Culturally, it’s like living in Spain, in the 16th Century.


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