What on Earth Has Happened to Us?

I remain convinced that I have lived through a very bad time – that I was lucky to have escaped from. But I also observe that those I left behind, are not only unaware of this – but violently opposed to being aware of it.

What we have to do, first off, is acknowledge that – something bad has happened to us. Something very bad.

Once we have the nerve to recognize that (and it will take some nerve, believe me) we can fill in the details of what happened.

There are so many details, we can start almost anywhere. I have two documents open on my computer right now. One about designing the user interface, and one about the Neoliberal Economy. Two more different subjects would be hard to imagine – but, as I see it – part of the same problem – the Big Problem.

Let me start with the Economy first. The book I am reading is The Rise and Fall of Neoliberal Capitalism. I usually avoid this subject, and refuse to listen to the Economists. And I am normal, in that way.

But I can overcome these fears, if I really work at it. And listen to his message, which is simple – developments since 1970 have created a new kind of economy – one which is not regulated – and unstable by its very nature. Nothing complicated here – even I can understand it.

But the average person cannot understand it – because it is part of the Big Problem, that they avoid entirely.

Their internal logic is simple – if they understand nothing, they understand everything, And heaven’s help anyone who tries to interfere with this logic.  He will be squashed like a bug on a windshield!


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