The Rise of the Organization

Back in the 19th Century, or perhaps even earlier, we should have been planning our future. There was plenty of political turmoil over the nations, and the empires, that were forming – but the net result was WWI, the Depression, and WWII. We had failed, and failed miserably.

There was some planning for a new world, with the United Nations, and the World Bank. And there were no more World wars – just small ones, such as the Korean War, and then the Vietnam War.

But something much bigger was going on – the rise of The Organization. That no one took much notice of. But everyone knew was big, and getting even bigger.

Instead of thinking about this, and its implications – we just let it take over. Because, we thought – it would make us more powerful! 

Which it did – The Organization became more powerful – but people became less powerful. A very serious development – but one people took no notice of – and continue to take no notice of.

Society became obsessed with this new kind of power – and obsessed with protecting it from its detractors – who noticed what was going on. These people had to be destroyed!

This is what was happening in The Office – where everyone was working. It was making The Organization more powerful – and its detractors less powerful – and hopefully, eliminated altogether.

This new economy was successful, from the end of WWII to the Seventies – when it failed. Its focus was too narrow – and it could not understand the world, as a whole.

This failure was very complex, and depended on many factors. For me, it ended my career as an Electronic Engineer. I was an expert on the Vacuum Tube – and this was replaced by the Transistor – and even more importantly, the Computer.

That no one understood, at the time – but knew it was big –  and getting bigger.

This was the Economy I was involved in, in the Eighties and the Nineties – an Industrial Economy, that was fading – and Computer Economy, that was growing. A very painful time, that I managed to survive, by getting out of it – and moving to Costa Rica.

The conflicts here were noticed – by the more sensitive souls, who were afraid of saying anything. I have a cousin, who got out of the Office by becoming a surveyor. And other relatives who developed their own strategies for coping with this – not realizing this was what they were doing.

I can say this now, wearing my pyjamas, sitting in front of my laptop, with a fast Internet connection. I can say what I please in this blog – knowing I will not be shot down – and also knowing it will make little difference.


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