I Try to be Humble – but It’s Hard Work

I keep being original – and I keep finding my precious ideas are not so original. The best I can do, is be among the first to discover a new idea.

And even that is not easy. I decided to go with Windows 10, so I got a new laptop with that on it. Only to discover it wasn’t quite ready. Right now, it is doing a long, long download – that will probably bring it up to speed. So I can do things I am already doing on my Windows 7 machine.

Where I am doing my best to learn F# – but here again, I am so far behind those who brought it into the world, and take it for granted – I feel like a babe in swaddling clothes.

But there is one thing I do, that is original – I manage to live on my Social Security income in Costa Rica. And I can still manage to get around my bicycle – if I pedal slowly! Everytime I sit down, I have to be careful when I get up – or flop! – I go down in the mud.

From mud I came, and from mud I shall return.


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