Why Should I Help a Bad Situation?

This is a question I have been asking myself for a long time – probably even before I was born. It was clear to me, as a fetus, that my mother did not like me – two fetuses before me had been smart, and bailed out. Much to the shock of my mother who wanted babies very badly.

Perhaps my mother assured me she would be a good mother – a promise she promptly violated. Or maybe I decided I would put up with a bad situation, and do the best I could – under the circumstances.

In any case, I was born – into what would be known as a dysfunctional family. A bland description that covered up the horrors of the situation. And from then on, a situation that everyone (or almost everyone) refused to acknowledge – a huge problem that no one could see, and didn’t want to see.

This family situation was enlarged into the work situation – that was also bad for people – but this was considered normal – and this thoroughly bad behavior was allowed to continue, and even encouraged – in what became known as The Office.

To summarize – people lost control of their world – and gave control to other forces they were only dimly aware of – but were certain they were there. They were there, all right – and promptly took control.

This takeover was no doubt part of our religious heritage. People wanted to be part of something bigger – and now they were! They did not stop to analyze, what this new arrangement was. As with all religious establishments – this questioning was not permitted.

I am fortunate to live in a situation – where I can question this situation – in this blog. And I have plenty of company – perhaps ten percent of the population. But the remaining ninety percent have political control – which they are exercising vigorously.

And using it to wreck their world.


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