The Enterprise is Finished

The Industrial Revolution was the huge event of the 19th, and 20th Centuries. This was also called Capitalism, and was responsible for the creation of many Companies (or Organizations) – both big and small.

I will lump all of them under the umbrella term – the Enterprise.

Which always meant people in a hierarchical organization, working together to make money. Even the schools, which were for education, also had their administrators, who dished out the money – and ruled the roost.

To put this another way – this was a vast social machine, with people functioning as its parts.

This was nothing new Рorganizations like this built the pyramids. But Industrialization introduced new machines, energy machines that ran on fossil fuels Рand made power (and powerful organizations) possible on a much larger scale.

And also a new idea – absolute social power, based on Manufacturing. This brings us up to the middle of the 20th Century.

Then something else came along, that changed everything – the Computer. At first, this made no difference – it was quickly adopted by Business. The Computer was the servant of Business – and made it Global Business.

It could do this, because of its Software – that was smart, and able to do many human tasks – and do them cheaper.

The Enterprise had been made of people – but now it could be made of computers.

Computers will now be in control.


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