Microsoft has the Answer

And they are: Visual Studio (its IDE), F# (its Functional language), and Azure (its cloud).

I have all of them, and am busy reading all about them. One example, is this posting on a Microsoft blog .NET Microservices: Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications. The buzzwords here are Microservices and Docker Containers – hot stuff! The link here will not work for you, you will have to download it for yourself.

Right now, I am downloading Visual Studio Preview 3 – the very latest one. Microsoft knows none of its products is perfect – and it is continually improving them.

Microsoft wants you to spend so much time with it, you will ignore the competition – Amazon and Google. So far, I am willing to do this.


The Enterprise is Finished

The Industrial Revolution was the huge event of the 19th, and 20th Centuries. This was also called Capitalism, and was responsible for the creation of many Companies (or Organizations) – both big and small.

I will lump all of them under the umbrella term – the Enterprise.

Which always meant people in a hierarchical organization, working together to make money. Even the schools, which were for education, also had their administrators, who dished out the money – and ruled the roost.

To put this another way – this was a vast social machine, with people functioning as its parts.

This was nothing new – organizations like this built the pyramids. But Industrialization introduced new machines, energy machines that ran on fossil fuels – and made power (and powerful organizations) possible on a much larger scale.

And also a new idea – absolute social power, based on Manufacturing. This brings us up to the middle of the 20th Century.

Then something else came along, that changed everything – the Computer. At first, this made no difference – it was quickly adopted by Business. The Computer was the servant of Business – and made it Global Business.

It could do this, because of its Software – that was smart, and able to do many human tasks – and do them cheaper.

The Enterprise had been made of people – but now it could be made of computers.

Computers will now be in control.

What Clever Programming Cannot Do

There is some very clever programming going on now – and people tend to overestimate its capabilities. I want to rain on that parade, and dampen that enthusiasm. And say what it cannot do.

It cannot make a dysfunctional organization functional – it cannot make it work. And dysfunctional organizations in today’s world are very common (even in Software companies). And dysfunctional (or crazy) people are common also.

And I must state the obvious – the people involved here (individuals or groups) do not realize they are this way. And this lets them get even worse.

F# is part of .NET

I am out of my depth here, I might as well confess. I am in the company of very smart people – when my own smarts are very limited.

They are telling me about Using Func<> in C# to Represent Functions – as if I were a child, which in this context, I might as well be.

Microsoft first developed .NET – a very powerful thing, that almost defies explanation – and to make matters worse, keeps upgrading it – making it even better.

It saw the importance of Functional Programming – quite to its credit – and added F# to its C# language, and even worked it into Azure – its own cloud. It does not fit very comfortably in either place – it is too advanced.

This is one of Microsoft’s biggest problems – it is too advanced.

But does not realize this.

Drunk on F#

I have strange way of entertaining myself – I am learning F#, eating pizza, and drinking Sangria – all at the same time. My old mind is learning very slowly – but it does not realize this – and is thrilled to be learning anything.

Microsoft wants more people to use F#, a language that uses its .NET, and no one else has. In fact, there are places in Microsoft (such as Windows 10) that cannot use it either!

This is part of a whole new philosophy – give away good stuff, so people will use it! If it’s not good enough for them – make it better!

Microsoft Blend

Microsoft has many products – that vary considerably in quality and usefulness.

I installed Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio 2017, and I read their instructions at

But I can’t even figure out what the RC, on end of the title, stands for. I can run the program, and look at the user interface – but can’t figure out what to do with it.

Maybe I should open a Visual Studio file in Blend, and work with that. But that’s only a guess!

They Are in It For the Money

I am still trying to understand what is so bad about America – that made me leave it. This morning, this phrase popped into my mind. Now I have to explain it.

It seems to me that a society where making money is the ultimate goal – is in serious trouble. I’m sure most people will agree with me, in principle – but disagree with me, in practice. They are out for the money – and they are going to stay that way.

My last place of residence was Silicon Valley, that grew out of Stanford University – but has since spread to other areas, notably Seattle. This began as a Technology, the Computer – but has become an entire new Economy, that no one wants to understand – because it is so different.

Software grew out of it – a new skill concerned with Information, that has completely changed what we think the world is made of. It has created The Cloud – that rents computer services in many ways, with more being added every day.

In short, we now have a Service Economy – instead of a Goods Economy. And everyone is saying, as loudly as they can – this makes no difference! When it makes all the difference in the world.

This is why Software (as a skill, not a business) appeals to me. And any software company that is out for the money makes me suspicious.

This also applies to Psychotherapy – Silicon Valley is full of Therapists, of every kind imaginable – and I tried a number of them. And found that they were mostly out for the money.